Terrence Cunningham


Hey there, I’m Terrence Cunningham.

I’m a musician, author, father, and thinker. Based out of Los Angeles, CA. Currently on Season 14 of NBC's The Voice. 

" Terrence Cunningham is far from timid in the company of a piano, and a microphone. A Maryland native, and a descendent of a long line of musicians, including his great aunt, the late blues legend Etta Baker. Steeped in the natural velvet of black music, the pain and drama from the sweaty pulpit is peppered with heavy guitar, and slow buildups to swelling musical climaxes.  His songs pull from life in a vulnerably honest way, and his overtly distinct voice compliments the sincerity of his work.  And to think, it all began at the age of three when he mimicked his father and tapped out Prince's, "Little Red Corvette" on the piano. Who knew that moment would be the cornerstone of a life devoted to music, and the early makings of a mold-breaker. 

From his experiences on and off stage, Terrence has developed a true heart for people, wanting to give a gentle and empathetic reminder of their self-worth. Out of this compassion was birthed his first published work entitled "Just In Case: Embracing The Pilgrimage To Self-Awareness." The book is a collection of cathartic journal entries. The tone of the book is neither imperious or dictatorial, but the words and sentences have a tranquility about them; it's like receiving genuine reassurance and encouragement from a close friend. In addition to that, the book is rich with quotable gems. For instance, "Be careful not to dwell on the lack in your life while wanting more. What we dwell on is what will manifest" or "I will court my passions." 


The occasion of the orator is to awe and inspire. 

- Terrence Cunningham 


I find that most truly successful people sacrifice for their dreams, a sort of rites of passage in an effort to one day make that dream a reality. There’s a fulfillment in the notion of the “starving artist,” well at least for us anyway. We have an insatiable drive to simply accomplish. Contrary to popular belief, being an artist is anything but easy. Constant second guessing, loathing our work, or loving it, hoping others can see what we see, bombarded with new ideas, or not, we never stop thinking, and under the pressure of knowing that we are the ones with the power to change things. The muses are the real superheroes. I’m sure that you’ve gathered by now that I am an artist. Some know me as a musician, to some I am a singer, and most know me as both. To one I’m just dad. To me, well… that’s to be determined.


Much love,



Thank you for reaching out. I look forward to getting back to you + appreciate your patience. 

Compassion is the brightest light one can emit onto the world, within its rays shines patience, kindness, empathy, and tolerance. We are a community of light; the illumination of our paths.
— T.Cunningham